Treatment of anxiety neurosis
Treatment of impaired mental functioning
Efficacy of Bacopa monniera in revitalizing intellectual functions in children
Improved cognitive functions in stroke victims
Memory enhancing effects in children suffering from ADHD
The effect of Bacopa monniera on convulsive disorders
  Mentat® , an indigenous, Ayurvedic preparation containing Bacopa monniera , Centella asiatica , Withania somnifera , Evolvulus alsinoides and Nardostachys jatamansi , was tested for its efficacy in patients suffering from functional impairment following stroke. Twenty-four patients participated in the study. Thirteen patients received Mentat® , and eleven patients received placebo for a 12-week period. The Mentat® patients had better EMG (electromyographic) responses compared to the placebo group after 12 weeks.  

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